An In-Depth Look At EROTT


The Extreme Rise of the Triad expansion pack was released a few months after the main game, Rise of the Triad. As its name implies, the levels are meant to be way more difficult, but also pretty insane all-around. They feature diabolical level puzzles, challenging enemy (and boss) fights, crazy traps and other dangerous situations to navigate/avoid. You can download it for free today.

The expansion is rather obscure, but those who’ve played it mostly feel that it isn’t really worth the time of completing due to the perceived excessive difficulty and unfair design. Plus, even without those factors, the design is seen as inferior to the regular game. Playing through this add-on on even the lowest difficulty may be challenging to many, so imagine playing on the highest, especially under certain conditions such as only saving at the start of each level.

Part of what inspired me to do this guide is youtube user Psychedelic Eyeball, who made a Let’s Play of the main game back in 2010 in the same style and with the same conditions. He also uploaded what is probably the most in-depth look at EROTT available today, which unfortunately, isn’t saying much. While he did provide good insight in humorous fashion, there is a certain amount of exaggeration and even a few inaccuracies.

In his video review of EROTT, he stated that he could only complete its first 2 episodes with just saving at the start of each level; he also didn’t play it at the highest skill level. So I decided, why not go beyond: have a go on the highest setting, and saving only at the start for ALL the levels. Therein began what led to this guide’s conception. Not only did I accomplish it, but it turned out to be not as hair-pulling of a task as I expected.



This guide is going to provide strategies for EROTT on the Crezzy Man difficulty and only saving at the start of each level, (with one exception, which you’ll see later). In doing this, I have learned that not only is it feasible, it is in fact very much so. There are secrets in many levels that are key to making them easier, sometimes to the point of turning the level into a joke.

I am also going to clear up some misconceptions along the way and, hopefully, paint this add-on in a new light that will make it a bit more open for people to play. I especially hope it may incite people to make some more videos of it… including some Let’s Plays, perhaps? I want to say that I’m not the most skilled ROTT player, and far from it; I had more trouble in the main game than PE (and others on youtube) did. So given that, if I could do this, hell anyone can.

One very important thing to consider is the insignificance of pistol starts in this expansion. Let me tell you right off the bat that it isn’t worth the effort to do because it does not significantly increase the challenge, that’s another thing I learned. About the biggest difference it makes is how much more time you’ll spend in the level just because the fights at the very start will take longer; they’re really not because anything is more difficult.

Above all, most levels give you whatever is necessary at or near the start to make you set from then on. The only advantage to having the MP-40 and/or an explosive weapon from the get-go is perhaps saving a few minutes in fighting. Heck, being given the extra pistol is usually more than enough to kick off.

Despite all that, this strategy guide IS STILL COMPATIBLE WITH PISTOL STARTS 🙂

Feel free to make adjustments to these strategies to your own liking, as these aren’t the absolutely sole methods to going through. The slight exception, though, is most of the fourth episode; that one isn’t so much about skill as it is about memorizing a specific path and a fairly good degree of luck.

This guide is just as valid for any other difficulty and if you want to save frequently; simply approach things more laid-back. Chances are you’ll find an easier way if you find something not mentioned here. Please let me know!


Extreme Rise of the Triad should be played with only one of the five characters if following the rules: Thi Barrett. The main reason comes in the level E4A2. However, on top of that, this game features all sorts of running and jumping scenarios where speed will be a big determinant of frustration. The game can actually be completed using all the other characters; needless to say, choose them at your own risk.



Each level is graded with a difficulty between 1 and 5 stars (*). The latter is pretty much nonexistent. At the end of each, I will also give my verdict of whether it’s worthy of being considered “the extreme”, and belonging in this add-on.

Your automap is definitely one of the most important tools to succeed. It’s not only for navigation, but in ROTT, it usually gives you the position of the enemies. This is extremely useful for very intense battles and when you’re struggling to keep up with the enemy positions. This is a default feature, not enabled by the map cheat. You’re given the automap; USE IT.

If I don’t specify what weapon to use any time, it of course means you’re free to do as you please. Of course, don’t get careless and use up all your explosive ammo liberally.

If I seem to skip certain steps (ex: getting a key), it’s because they’re just way too straight-forward and you need to make an effort to miss it. Similarly, I do know how to get to some of the secrets I don’t talk about, but they’re not important to completing the game; actually, each level guide includes separately all of the secrets I can find.

When I refer to left, right, front, back, forward, etc., they are relative to your position and view. North, east, etc. refer to when viewing the automap.

Fatal error points are essentially any dangerous, very difficult part halfway or further through the level that can kill you easily, turning all your efforts into a complete waste.

Finally, remember to heat up Priest Porridge health when you have the chance, if you’re low on health.

About Level Secrets:
Each level page also has a separate part that lists all the secrets for it. This section not only lists hidden walls and how to acces them, but also areas that are generally secretive and not easy to find or reach. The latter also turns up valuable items a lot of the times. They’re listed from the order they can be reached from the start of each level, for a natural progression.

Note that in some levels, it’s not possible to get 100% secret walls as some are death traps or block your progression. Also not listed are touch plates of the same nature.



Just click on a level.

(s) = secret levels
* = warp-only levels
** = semi-warp levels

E1 :
1. A Tomb With a View
2. Up
3. Triadagio
4. The Barracks
5. Moatin’ Lava
6. Nothin’ But Net
7. Truth or Darian
8. Through and Through (s)

Progression: 1-2-3-8-4-5-6-7-E2

E2 :
1. High Road, Low Road
2. Open Fire
3. Dark ‘n’ Deadly
4. Lightning Strikes*
5. A Mode I Rode
6. You’re Fired
7. Krist Cross

High Road Progression: 1-5-6     \

Converges to:                                        7-E3

Low Road Progression:  1-2-3-8  /

Warp-Only Progression: 4-High Road Progression from 5

E3 :
1. Overview
2. Sky Tunnels
3. Bridge Over Trouble
4. Experiment IV
5. The Ride
6. Lights Out
7. NME Mine
8. They Say HOO-Mahn-Ay (s)

Progression: 1-8-2-3-4-5-6-7-E4

E4 :
1. Halls of Walls
2. Getting the Drop
3. A Boulder Vision
4. Pykus Peak
5. The Hoppe Hop
6. Technical Ecstacy
7. Oscuro’s Legions
8. 95 Windows*
9. On Its Tail
10. The Unholy Chamber
11. Danger Mouth (s)
12. Fencing (s)
13. Welcome To The Machine (s)
14. Gods of Annihilation*
15. The Grand Vomitorium**
16. Fire Flight (s)
17. Run Like Heaven (s)
18. Stupid Dog Tricks (s)

Main Progression: 1-11-12-13-16-17-18-2-3-4-5-6-7-9-10
Warp-Only Progression 1: 8-Main Progression from 4
Warp-Only Progression 2: 14-15-15 (Looped)

It’s kind of interesting that E4 has so many secret levels; most of them are in a sequence. It almost feels like its own side episode. This also makes the fourth episode the biggest in terms of number of levels, of the official releases.



I want to thank the individual who goes by the name Patrol1985 for helping me out when I first played EROTT. I thought my copy was somehow bugged, but he confirmed the doubts I had. He’s also been encouraging in this process.

Also credit to Psychedelic Eyeball of course, for the inspiration to this guide site. His main LP of ROTT is very entertaining and recommended for anyone who’s played and enjoyed the game.

You can reach me at termigreen REMOVE THIS @ (and this) yahoo (this too) .ca


© Alum “Cass Paze” Tarly